I do hope you are all safe and well today.   

For those of you who serve our community

in some capacity, one way or another.

Like the Dream Center, you serve to make

our community a better place to live.

And for that, I want to thank you for

all that you do.


Due to Covid19 we have had to suspend 

all client operations, services for IDJJ,

IDOC parole, and TASC. We had to

Cancel the R4R luncheons and the

Night of Dreams benefit.

But, I assure you, We will resume

operations as soon as the Governor 

deems it safe to do so.

The following is an update for the

remainder of 2020.

Resume operations:  ASAP

R4R Luncheons:

                         June 3rd

                         August 6th

                         October 7th

                         December 2nd

The Randi Gori Memorial Guidance

of Hope Scholarship Dinner:

                        October ( Day to be determined)

Check out the new members page on

our website and be sure to sign up to  receive regular updates.

All the Best,

           Dar Bryant

           Center Director