2018.. A Wild Ride!!


I don't know why God has shown me so much mercy, but I pledge to work as hard as I can to pay it forward and do whatever God would have me to do.

I'm certainly more of a sinner than a saint. I'm so far from perfect. I've made so many mistakes. If I deserve to be blessed and forgiven, you do too. We all do.

2018 has been a year that can only be described as the same feeling you would have by being on the worlds craziest roller-coaster ride for 12 months straight. Extreme lows only outdone by extreme highs. We started off the year with 2 funerals, one for my best friend and the other for my Dad, whom I just reconnected with after being estranged for 30 years. This is at the same time I am starting my book tour. Then we end the year with my Mom getting a not so good diagnosis. Yet, not a day goes by that I’m not blessed in some way

Week after week, I have had the opportunity to speak in prisons, schools and churches. I am able to see lives changed, and hear first hand how the message behind "360 A Full Cirlce"is providing hope for the hopeless. This being one of the greatest blessings of all.

2018 is the first full year, my book is being sold and read all over the country.

Another unexpected blessing is the Dream Center and it’s team has been recognized by the county and state as a valuable asset to the community. Receiving appreciation awards and certificates for helping dozens of individuals returning home from prison reintegrate back into society and the adjustment for their families I have had the distinct privilege of forming relationships with dozens of pastors, city and county officials and creating alliances with like-minded organizations.

While there have been some extremely disappointing moments, like when we would loose someone we have been trying to help to a drug overdose. Then next day we would see another success story of someone we have helped, that turned their life around and embraced all that God has for them.

Even though I started the process a couple of years ago , it was this year, that I completely walked away from my business to go into ministry full-time. I have often seconded guessed that decision. As I would struggle try to figure out how we were going to pay the bills, We would all of a sudden have a financial breakthrough, then another struggle and yet another breakthrough, just another dip and turn of the 2018 roller-coaster.

Every time I would start feeling sorry for myself, sitting on that pity pot. God would send me someone in need that would put everything in perspective for me. One time I was feeling especially down, asking myself “Am I really making a difference, is this really all worth it”. when I get a frantic call from a lady whose son is trying to commit suicide. All of a sudden my problems seem to fade away as they pale in comparison , as If I God is saying to me “This isn’t about you, it’s about what I am telling you I need you to do”.

My family has experienced one of the toughest years financially that we ever experienced. Yet God has always provided. I have slipped and fallen, but God always picked me up, I have had doubts, And then God would show me just how important the work is , that we are doing . So yes I have messed up…a lot this year, and yet, God still blessed me time and time again. Because unlike me, God is always faithful and yes, I am truly blessed……and I am so looking forward to 2019.

All the Best

And God Bless!


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